eScan Terminology

Object identifier *

(OID) A number that uniquely identifies an object class or attribute. An object identifier is represented as a dotted decimal string, such as Object identifiers are organized into a global hierarchy. National registration authorities issue root object identifiers to individuals or organizations, who manage the hierarchy below their root object identifier. <br><br> *<a href=" " target=_blank> </a>

Opaque BLOB

A sequence of bytes used to store session keys. Opaque BLOBs contain the base key material and all current state information. This includes information such as the salt value, the initialization vector, and the key table. The format of opaque BLOBs is unpublished. Each CSP vendor determines its own BLOB format which should include encrypting the opaque BLOBs with some sort of symmetric key.

Outer content

The enhancements for some encapsulated data. This term is used primarily when discussing enhanced data (the inner content) in PKCS #7 messages.

Output Feedback

(OFB) A block cipher mode that uses feedback similar to the Cipher Feedback (CFB) mode. The only difference between the two modes is how the shift register is filled.

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