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7th of September 2021, Mumbai.

MicroWorld Unveils eScan – Cyber Vaccine Edition

MicroWorld Technologies Inc., a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity, has launched eScan Version 22 - Cyber Vaccine Edition, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution aimed at empowering consumers, enterprises and governments across the world in their fight against digital malice.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, MicroWorld's latest offering aims to reinvent cybersecurity in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. The cyber vaccine edition is devised to protect users against all kinds of malicious software, cyber-attacks along with spam, and can protect the digital systems from any new digital viruses.

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26th of July 2021, Mumbai.

eScan’s Mobile Security Actively blocks the Pegasus Threat

In a major surveillance campaign that has brought the Orwellian nightmare of prominent personalities to life, using the Pegasus spyware has been reported. Pioneers of futuristic cybersecurity technology, MicroWorld Technologies have assured its current and potential clientele, that their Mobile Security solution that runs on both Android and iOS platforms is capable of detecting and blocking Pegasus spyware along with similar digital threats.

The spyware has been used to snoop on their victims to gather sensitive information by exploiting undiscovered vulnerabilities or bugs in Android or iOS platforms, unlike its earlier versions that used the spear-phishing technique.  Pegasus is capable of exploiting bugs in iMessage, allowing it to gain access to millions of iPhones through a backdoor.

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6th July 2021, Mumbai.

eScan’s Cybersecurity solutions proved to provide proactive protection against Kaseya VSA attacks

Leaders in the cybersecurity domain, MicroWorld Technologies have assured their clients and organizations across the world that security solutions under their flagship brand eScan have the necessary capability to detect and respond to the recent Kaseya VSA cyber-attack that has crippled nearly a million systems to date.

Kaseya VSA was recently hit with a crippling supply chain ransomware attack by the notorious REvil ransomware gang. In order to access the data of what they claim to be over one million systems, the REvil gang, also known as Sodinokibi, has requested for $70 million or around INR 520 crore ransom. Hundreds of organizations that were using the software provided by Kaseya VSA were affected as a result of this attack.

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10th February 2021, Mumbai.

MicroWorld’s Ms. Shweta Thakare Elevated to Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing

Cybersecurity leaders and home to the brands eScan, MailScan and Nemasis, MicroWorld Group of Companies have announced the promotion of Ms. Shweta Thakare to the position of Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing. Effective immediately, she will be responsible for handling the marketing strategies and promotions of all of MicroWorld's cybersecurity brands, propagating the brand message and strengthening their presence across the globe with compelling sales. She will continue to be intimately involved in day-to-day operations, but with a concentrated focus on overall business strategy and sales opportunities that will drive the company's long-term success.

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30th November 2020, India.

MicroWorld Technologies to showcase futuristic cybersecurity solutions at GISEC - 2020

With the aim of driving security transformation across the world, MicroWorld Technologies, a leading name from the cybersecurity sector, has confirmed their participation in the year’s biggest technology event - GISEC, which will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from the 6th to the 10th of December 2020.

In a year which has displayed the malicious prowess that threat actors possess, MicroWorld plans to showcase their proactive cybersecurity solutions, including the newly launched eScan Enterprise EDR, at the technology event which would bridge the knowledge gap between detecting potential threats and mitigating them through cybersecurity and technological awareness. In addition to showcasing their security solutions, they will also undertake an initiative to educate partners about the latest security technologies and best practices offered by MicroWorld, through discussions with their technology experts.

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2nd November 2020, Mumbai.

MicroWorld joins hands with Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)

On June 05, 2020, MicroWorld Technologies Private Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India for collaboration in the area of cyber security.

Through this MoU CERT-In and MicroWorld Tech Private Limited propose to work together to enhance the overall security of the computing environment in India and to address the increasingly complex problems associated with cyber security threats. The MoU would facilitate cooperation for detection of latest cyber security threats such as malware/botnets that can adversely affect the information assets and privacy of the general users in the country and devise appropriate security measures while providing security tools to enable such users to secure their systems.

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