MicroWorld Unveils eScan - Cyber Vaccine Edition

7th of September 2021,

MicroWorld Technologies Inc., a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity, has launched eScan Version 22 - Cyber Vaccine Edition, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution aimed at empowering consumers, enterprises and governments across the world in their fight against digital malice.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, MicroWorld's latest offering aims to reinvent cybersecurity in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic. The cyber vaccine edition is devised to protect users against all kinds of malicious software, cyber-attacks along with spam, and can protect the digital systems from any new digital viruses.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) observed over 6.07 lakh cyber security incidents in the first six months of 2021, of which about 12,000 incidents were related to government organizations. The cyber vaccine edition was planned and launched after this steady surge in cyber-attacks was observed by the researchers at MicroWorld Technologies through the pandemic and the shift of work culture to Work From Home (WFH).

Standout Features of the Cyber Vaccine Edition -

  • Data Vault - To prevent any data leakage and unauthorized access to the data, eScan provide Data Vault feature that creates password-protected vault to protect the confidential data.
  • Real-time Protection - eScan's Real-time Protection layer prevents the new and unknown malware variants as well as advanced persistent threats (APTs) by constantly monitoring for any suspicious activity.
  • Layered Defense Approach - The cyber vaccine edition has now improved eScan’s detection of third-party hacking tools with its layered defense approach
  • Two-Factor Authentication - This feature provides an extra layer of protection to the login feature that prevents any unauthorized access to the system.
  • User-Friendly Interface - Within the cyber vaccine edition, eScan provides a stylish GUI, giving the user a complete picture of their online security

Mr. Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO of MicroWorld Technologies quoted, "We decided to launch the cyber vaccine edition after thoroughly studying the cyberspace and understanding the need for a complete solution. With advanced cyber protection features, this edition is designed to offer maximum protection and security with a clean user-friendly interface. With the help of our capable research and development team, we always look for innovative ways to help the end-user battle any kinds of digital threats that arise from the cyberspace."

Ms. Shweta Thakare, Vice President - Global Sales & Marketing, “We saw a huge surge in cyber-attacks during the pandemic where threat actors have been preying on the fear of innocents across the globe. At MicroWorld we wanted to enable the end-users to bolster their defenses against such digital chaos and secure their online existence. Consequently, with a lot of thoughts towards catering to the demands of the end-users, we have launched the cyber vaccine edition.

About MicroWorld -
MicroWorld is a security solution provider, born in an era, where technology started to blossom. Established by the entrepreneur and leader, Mr.Govind Rammurthy, MicroWorld began operating in 1993 and over the last two and half decades has spread its roots and become well established in countries across the globe.

MicroWorld specializes in the development of cyber security solutions and is well known for pioneering and augmenting breakthrough technologies, in cybersecurity with their security solution eScan. MicroWorld, now has another cybersecurity solution titled Nemasis-VMS, which is a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT).

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