Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Solution

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
The fast growing cyber landscape has today attracted more sophisticated & targeted attacks due to vulnerabilities in an enterprise network. The CIOs today need to be more proactive in managing their network health with frequent monitoring as well as threat assessments. Vulnerability Assessment is designed to help admins keep an eye on their network for any possible vulnerability at OS level or applications, so as to take preventive measures in time to protect the network from any kind of cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment solution by eScan gives you a broader picture of threats and vulnerabilities in your network. It will also help you in identifying threat vectors along with attack path or loopholes in the network by identifying exploitable security holes across the network through sophisticated attack vectors simulation. It will further help you in assessing vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose to your corporate network and critical data on connected endpoints.


  • Comprehensive Information: Provides a holistic approach in identifying, analysing and precise reporting of vulnerable endpoints in the network
  • Effective Scanning: Scanning the entire network to discover vulnerabilities in the endpoints
  • Critical Alert: It helps you in prioritizing vulnerabilities to effectively reduce risk and remediate. Evaluating your cyber incident response capabilities to the highest possible levels

Our process includes discovery of critical assets connected to your network and scan them for vulnerabilities through advanced penetration testing methods that can identify vulnerabilities in the network, applications or OS with added security incident response capabilities.

Our solution is meticulously designed to identify and simulate threats majorly originating from three primary attack sources -
i) Internet/ Cloud facing assets that includes but not restricted to IP addresses, websites, and applications
ii) Social engineering to get user details such as session logs, login credentials etc.
iii) Gaining physical access to the IT Infrastructure to try and breach physical security
In case any of the above sources is compromised or vulnerable, it may lead to a major cyber-attack on the corporate network or managed endpoints resulting in critical data leak or network breakdown. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities before the attackers can take advantage of them is a proactive defensive measure that should be implemented in any corporate network.
Our methodology is aimed at finding the loopholes, identifying critical assets and carry out informed and controlled cyber-attack to assess preparedness and capability to contain such attacks.
Identify the IT infrastructure that you have so as to assess and manage threats they may pose. Scanning your network to discover and inventory as well as categorising all assets that includes software, hardware, OS and services are fundamental for vulnerability assessment process. Once the simulated attack is carried out and threat loopholes are identified they are then prioritised according the severity of the threat to the network or the endpoints. All this is reported in customizable report formats.
The solution is also kept continuously updated with all zero day reports published by all major vendors.

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