MicroWorld’s Products and Services Privacy Policy for Android

MicroWorld Technologies INC (hereafter referred as “MicroWorld”) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The information you share with MicroWorld allows us to provide you with the best experience through our products and services.

Information provided by users to MicroWorld

MicroWorld requests you to share your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Device Information (Device name, Device type, Manufacturer, OS version and Language), Location in order to help us mange our relationship with you and inform about product releases timely manner, while fulfill your orders and keep you updated about the order status.

Location permission usage

Anti-theft Locate feature collects the location data of your device and this feature allows you to receive information about the location of the stolen device, even if the application is closed or not in use.

Contact Backup

We will retain your personal information for the length of time needed to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

Contact Backup collects all data stored in your contacts. This information does not include your original device identification numbers, your true identity, or any personal information.

Contact Backup does not have access to your personal data, your online purchases or any other e-commerce activities. It is suggested that you complete the registration form in the eScan application. This form asks for information that allows us to contact you, provide assistance and resolve any possible issues.

While configuring Contact Backup on cloud, it may display web pages from Google. In this event, you should read the privacy policy displayed on the Google websites.

We do not transfer or disclose your information to third parties for purposes other than the ones provided.

For What Purpose Do We collect the Data
How MicroWorld Processes your Personal Data
We may use your data to:
How MicroWorld Safeguards your Information

MicroWorld ensures that any sort of online communication with its customers meets the highest standards of privacy and security. This is performed using a secure server with software that encrypts all confidential information before you send it to MicroWorld. In addition, strong measures are taken to secure all customers’ data against any unauthorized access.

Changes to the Policy

This policy may change from time to time. If MicroWorld alters its privacy policy in any way, the latest effective date will be highlighted for your ready reference. We will update the Privacy Policy whenever there is any change in our products, services, and legal rights.

Children’s Privacy

The Microworld products must be installed and used by an adult. Children may use the device where MicroWorld product was installed only with permission from their parents or holder of parental responsibility.

How May I Contact the MicroWorld Privacy Official?

MicroWorld takes the issue of protecting your privacy very seriously. If you have any concerns, questions or just want to express your thoughts, feel free to contact MicroWorld or write to us at

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