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eScan is a comprehensive Anti-Virus Solution that provides Zero-Day protection to computers from objectionable content and cyber security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, and Phishing attacks.

Equipped with the revolutionary MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) Technology, eScan detects information security threats at the Windows socket layer itself, before it reaches the Application Layer, thus preventing the applications from getting infected. With the Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP) that employs an adaptive mechanism in Spam and Phishing Control using Artificial Intelligence techniques. It learns the behavioral pattern of the user and classifies emails as Ham (wanted e-mails) or Spam (unwanted e-mails). The Domain and IP Reputation Checker (DIRC) checks the reputation of any suspicious Website or IP, and protects your computer against Phishing, Malware Infections, Objectionable Content, Network Intruders, and other cyber threats.

eScan’s cloud-based Security Network provides fast response to the latest virus threats without waiting for daily or traditional virus signature updates using global threat intelligence engine.

Moreover, eScan provides options for system administrators to remotely administer a vast network using the powerful eScan Management Console (WMC). WMC also allows remotely installing eScan, deploying upgrades; updates and enforce Integrated Security Policies for the entire Enterprise network.


New Secure Web Interface

The new Secure Web Interface uses SSL technology to encrypt all communications between the server and the clients effectively preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.

With the new Web-based eScan Management Console (WMC), network administrators can now monitor and deploy a variety of security measures, such as Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam updates, licenses, custom (un)installing and upgrading eScan, enabling or disabling of eScan modules, (un)installing other Anti-Virus software and enforce integrated security policies across the network, all using a browser.

Summarized Dashboard for better Security Management

A summarized dashboard provides the administrator the status of the managed clients in graphical formats such as deployment status, protection status and protection statistics.

Endpoint Security with Device Management (USBs and CD/DVD ROMs)

Administrators can assign privileges to clients on access to the removable devices such as USB Devices. With application control, the administrators can also define applications that can be restricted on the client computers.

Network Outbreak Prevention, Live Alerts and Reports

eScan automatically prevents spreading of malware infection on networks and also sends alerts to the administrator about the outbreaks on the networks.

It can also instantaneously display live alerts about Applications, USB / Flash device, and Site Browsing information of the clients. Administrators can view comprehensive reports on all the clients and can also export the reports to HTML, JPEG, PDF formats for in-depth analysis.

Hotfix Management

Administrators can now manage Critical Hotfixes released by eScan and Microsoft to ensure that all the clients in the network are updated with the latest patches.

Enhanced Firewall on both the Server and the Client

The two-way Firewall with predefined rule sets at the client monitors and logs all incoming and outgoing traffic according to the policy defined for the client.

Sophisticated File Blocking & Folder Protection

Administrators can now prevent the creation of specific types of files and protect folders from modifications by malware. This helps you to safeguard your confidential data from infections due to malware.

The New Faster and Intelligent On-Demand Scanner

The new On-Demand Scanner On-Demand Scanner is equipped with Whitelisting Technology that leads to faster scans and is very light on system resources. This ensures that your computer does not slow down, even while eScan is performing thorough system scans.

New User Friendly Graphical Interface

eScan has a new GUI that is extremely simple and easy-to-use. It is elegant in terms of design and is well-suited to the needs of both, expert and novice users. The new GUI is extremely light on system resources and requires very less memory space to run efficiently.

eScan Security Network (Cloud Technology – detects new and unknown threats)

eScan’s cloud-based Security Network collects information from millions of eScan participant user's computers around the world when they are online, to safeguard your digital world from latest and unknown threats. It provides fast response to the latest virus threats without waiting for daily or traditional virus signature updates.

Advanced Virus Control (Smart Proactive Protection)

With new Advance Virus Control technology and highly sophisticated Heuristics Algorithms, eScan effectively scans and detects unknown malware that are continuously released by malware writers. It also detects and warns users about applications that behave in a suspicious manner, thus providing protection from Zero-Day threats. eScan allows you to block files from being accessed either locally or via the network. This further prevents network-based viruses from infecting all the connected computers.

Secure Delete

With eScan’s Secure Delete feature, you can now permanently delete files and folders without the fear of having them retrieved through the use of third-party applications, thus preventing misuse of your personal information.

eScan Rescue Mode

It is an advanced feature which allows you to boot into a secure environment during system startup without using any optical media. It uses Windows®-based environment that not only helps you to scan and clean the system but also allows you to fix registry changes made by viruses and Rootkits.

USB Vaccination

With its USB Vaccination feature, eScan plays role of a 'vaccine' that is provided for removable USB devices. It prevents your USB devices from becoming a source of infection.

Gaming Mode

eScan's advanced Game Detection feature automatically detects the start of a game, movies and presentations when run in full screen and prevents all notifications and alerts from being displayed, thus ensuring you an uninterrupted gaming experience.

AntiSpam and Content Scanning

The Anti-Spam and Content Scanning modules prevent infected e-mails and attachments from reaching your inbox, and thus protect your computer from malicious programs that propagate through e-mails. It enables you to create and configure filters that filter spam based on keywords and phrases that appear within emails.

Proactive Protection

eScan monitors the registry for any changes and warns the user on detecting any changes in the registry. eScan also detects and warns about the applications that are suspicious in nature.

Web Protection and Parental Control

eScan provides you with a highly advanced feature for blocking non-business and offensive content accessed by employees in an organization. These websites are blocked based on the words and phrases appearing in such websites. Algorithms are employed to avoid any false positives in this process. This same feature is used for advanced Parental Control for safeguarding kids from accessing websites containing adult content.

eScan Web-Based Management console

eScan Web-Based Management Console (WMC) provides centralized features for installation, administrator control, deployment of updates, upgrades, and license keys, enforcing Integrated Security Policies, covering rogue machines and more.

View TCP

The application has two tabs; Active Connections and Established Connections. In Active Connections, tab all connections that are active at any given point of time are displayed. In Established Connections, only the connections that are established are displayed.

PopUp Filter

Pop-up windows are quite annoying while browsing the Internet. Many sites have a number of windows opening as soon as you visit them, which disturbs your activities on the computer, strangles the bandwidth and on accidental click leads to website containing malicious content. eScan offers a complete solution to this problem by providing a complete Pop-up blocker option that blocks all pop-up windows from opening.

Advanced eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV)

eScan’s advanced eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV) is a FREE, intelligent and powerful Anti-Virus utility that enables fast and hassle-free scanning of computers for a range of malwares. eScanAV Anti-Virus Toolkit (MWAV) requires no installation and can be run directly from anywhere, on your computer, USB Drive or from a CD-ROM. It can also be run even if you already have other antivirus software installed on your computer.

Endpoint Security

Data theft and virus infections are on the rise through USB/Firewire based portable storage devices such as Flash drives, Pen drives, Portable Hard disks, etc. eScan’s new feature provides endpoint security to your organization by providing password protection.


eScan’s in-built firewall monitors and logs both incoming and outgoing network activities in the system and protects it from all network based attacks. There are different set of rules such as Trojan Rule, Zone Rule, Expert Rule, Application Rule, Trusted MAC Address and Local IP List that can be used to either allow/block any incoming and outgoing traffic.

Asset Management

Asset Management is done via the System Information tool. This tool helps the system administrators to know about the hardware and software deployed on the networks.

Logs and Reports

Logs and reports are being created and displayed by all the modules for Protection, Scan and Update.

Automatic Compressed Updates

Automatic Compressed Updates are being provided by eScan for both, the software as well as the virus and spam definitions. The Virus signatures or spam definitions are being automatically updated hourly for instant protection from existing and emerging threats.

Multilanguage Support

eScan is available in multiple languages. You can choose the language while installing the software. The languages available are English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Latin Spanish, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Additional Features:

eScan has many other features that offer optimal control over virus scanning and content security related activity. Some of them are: automatic download of Anti-Virus updates, auto mailing of notifications to users, virtual keyboard, self-protection etc.

eScan Remote Support

eScan Remote Support (ERS) works with the help of remote desktop connection which enables eScan Support technicians to access computers with problems from a remote location and troubleshoot them directly. This helps in providing secure, faster and better support worldwide and also increases efficiency.

Windows Based Rescue Disk

Easily create a Windows Based Rescue Disk file with the eScan Rescue File Creation wizard. The eScan Rescue Disk will help you to clean boot your Windows PC to scan and clean infected Windows systems from rootkits and file infectors that cannot be cleaned in the normal Windows mode.

eScan Auto Back-up / Restore

eScan Auto Back-up / Restore utility takes back-up of all the frequently used files (PE files) and stores it in an encrypted form. If an infection is found, eScan's Auto Back-up / Restore utility will restore back all the clean files in real-time without the need to format the system.